Friday, June 9, 2017

Eric Dollard's LMD Simulates Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter

I'm convinced through months of tinkering with my simulated derivation of Eric's analog computer in Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric mode that TMT is equivalent to the LMD and to lightning. And this is all because of phase conjugation: the ability to reassemble a wave back together again, do we get a duality of opposite perspectives from within each wave of electricity zipping around inside of my simulation -- the daughter waves see their parent wave one way and their parent wave sees her daughter waves the opposite way and they're both right creating an increase of both duration of longevity and an increase of quantity of energy amounting to a reformulation of Einstein's Energy equals Mass times the speed of light squared into simply Energy equals Time. Duality of opposition constitutes divergence with the consequence of discontinuity which are factors making up phase conjugation ...

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